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Feedback from clients using Unknown Ancestors.
There were also telephone responses to thank me for my services but written responses are shown here. To safeguard the privacy of clients names have not been entered here.

Find attached cheque for the work that you have done on my family tree. The slight extra amount is my modest way of saying thanks for agreeing to do extra work on my side of the family.
March 2008.

Thank you so much for sending me those fascinating details. I am going to show them to my mother in a few days time. She is 97. Best wishes and thank you.
September 2009.

Herewith cheque for the birth certificate of Richard as we requested. Many thanks.
Eastbourne, Sussex,UK
February 2011.

Dear Kate
Thank you for your research. I enclose a cheque as required. We are pleased with the result.
Cheltenham. Glos,Uk
August 2012.

Hi Kate
Lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for confirming W.. and part of my family history. I am absolutely thrilled about it. Thank you also for the information concerning the S..... and T....being a cordwainer. Fascinating for me.
Thank you again for all the information about my family tree.
January 2013.

Dear Kate
I am writing to thank you for the research which you carried out for T W regarding our ancestors F and E W from Kingsdon in Somerset.
We are really pleased that you have confirmed the tentative connection which I had made that F and E were J W's parents, but it is really good to have the research confirmed independently by a professional. Up until that time we weren't sure that we had made the right connection. We can now move forward with more confidence.
We are going to continue several lines of research about the other family members and may contact you again if we think we need your professional input.
Thank you once again for all your help.
Yours sincerely
S.R and T W.
Somerset. UK
October 2013.

Dear Kate
Thank you very much for this affirmation about our family.
May 2013

Dear Kate
Thank you for the work done on my Ab'm connection. Much appreciated.
G. Ab'm
South Africa
July 2014.

Dear Kate 
The information you have sent has been most illuminating, and I am most pleased with what you have found for me. As I do not have PAY-PAL I wish to pay by cheque, so please could you send me your address. And if I wish to get in touch in the future for more research I will contact you. 
Thanking You E.W
March 2015.




Mormor (My Danish Grandmother outside her home)

Morfar (My Danish Grandfather tending his bees in his garden)


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