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When you wish to research your family tree I will advise you accordingly as to the costs involved for my Genealogy research services; after first consulting with you as to how much you wish to spend in total. I provide a friendly and professional service.

Bearing in mind that certificates re birth, marriage and death now cost £9.25 you can choose how far and how much you wish to pay in order to trace your family tree.
So it is important to communicate exactly the extent you wish to pay for the research.Other sources of course can be used which don't necessitate this expenditure, but certificates are generally the best way forward.

I do not charge by the hour, but only for results obtained and any certificates and documents necessary for my research and of course my time involved.

Family tree of four generations or more of both parents - £250 in total.(This includes up to 20 certificates,(£9.25 each) if necessary for the research).

Individual research for one parent of full family tree - £145 in total.(This includes up to 10 certificates,(£9.25 each) if necessary for the research).

Individual one-off record or search for one person such as birth certificate etc - £25-£70 depending on type of request.

These prices include costs of certificates and applied for information from other bodies, and my time spent researching your family tree. If more information is requested I will consult with you regarding more costs.

Payment can be made by Paypal or I do accept cheques.


Jens Larsen Bak and 
Petrine Jensen Krog.
(My maternal Great Grandparents).


Jens Pedersen Krog and 
Johanne Poul Dissing
(My maternal Great, Great Grandparents).

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