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Do you want to find your family tree. I can help you do just that

Having researched my own and my husband's family trees I realised how interesting this was and decided to help other people to find their Ancestors too. Thus was born. My research centres on ancestors within the Bristol, Gloucester and Wiltshire areas; although I can research other areas in the South West. I also can find ancestors who have emigrated to the colonies etc. I offer a professional and friendly service. I use records available from government record offices and historical records available from archives.

The research can take between 6 weeks to 20 weeks or more depending upon the level required. It is entirely up to you how far you wish to go in order to find your ancestors and how much you are willing to pay in total.

I start with all available information given to me concerning your family and build up a portfolio from there of each section of your family name, commencing with yourselves and grandparents, then upwards to the requested level of generations if possible. Official records commenced from 1837 onwards, so parish records are used before that date.

I provide a comprehensive service encompassing all aspects of genealogy research.
I work on the basis of obtaining results and therefore do not charge by the hour, only for complete work.

Kate Conner - Family Genealogist. BSc(Hons). Cert NatSci.& 

                               THE BAK AND HANSEN FAMILY

 This picture shows my maternal grandfather Harald Bak on the right of the picture with
 my maternal grandmother Maria Hansen. Maria parents (my Great Grandparents) Hans Hansen 
 and Oline Olsen are shown in the centre of the photo. To the left are Maria's sister Jensina and 
 brother Karl.


(My paternal Great Grandmother's sister).


(My paternal Great Grandmother).

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